WIPs And An Interview

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work the past week. Tweaking my website, social networks and most excitingly: working on an awesome PDF project which I will be releasing within the next month or so. I’m super excited to share it with you, but I want it to be the best I can make it, so I’m not rushing it. I have this tendency to always want to do things quickly and yesterday NOW, so this is a bit of a learning experience, but it’s good.

In some exciting news, Kim from Craft Create Connect interviewed me on her blog! Feeling super excited (OK maybe I need a synonym for excited to stop overusing it?!!) and also honoured. So go check it out. You can read a bit more about me, the why behind my art and what motivates me.

I showed you some canvases I was working on in my previous post. These are intuitive paintings so there is no set goal or outcome, I don’t know when they will be finished (in some way they might never be finished!) until I call them finished. Here is some more progress on these two.

Green Abstract Intuitive WIP | acrylics on canvas board | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

Pink Abstract Intuitive WIP | acrylics on canvas board | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

I’ve been struggling with this process majorly. They sat untouched for about a week, until I felt the drive to go back to them and I did something simple but amazing: put some noise cancelling headphones on and played music. MAJOR IMPACT YOU GUYS!! The music was both inspiring and also kept me away from getting too much into my head with thinking ‘what to do next’ or ‘this isn’t very good’ and other inhibiting thoughts like that. I even did some dance moves. Don’t tell anyone.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have already seen some progress on this girl & unicorn journal spread. I’m pretty much done but just need to work on the background now and maybe some text. I went from loving the sketch, to feeling doubtful about the initial painting, to loving it again now. Curious to see where this one will end up.

Girl & Unicorn WIP | mixed media in art journal | www.iris-impressions.com @rrreow

What have you been working on this week? I’d love to see! Comment below (you can use the comment luv under the text box to show me your latest post) or tag me on Facebook or Instagram to show me!

12 thoughts on “WIPs And An Interview”

    • Thanks Lucy! Yes do try the intuitive painting, it IS fun when you can access the free part of yourself. Would love to see your work if you decide to have a go!

  1. I love your artwork hun. You’ve got a lot more courage than me as you are selling too. You rock. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your bright coloured canvases are they inspired by Flora Bowley? I’m sorry I did not understand what you meant by ‘noise cancelling headphones’, but know that music is great to listen to it evokes so many different emotions.

    • You’re so sweet Helena, thanks! Yes they are Flora Bowley inspired. I recently got her book and was following her directions to listen to music and try and and move around while painting. I’m only just getting into it but I can feel a change coming into my art with trying to approach things more intuitively. The headphones are just those little in-ear ones that make it so you don’t hear what’s going on outside.

  2. Loving all your WIP’s – the paintings are coming along well, great colour. The interview was excellent too.

    Might have to try the headphone idea too.

    • Thanks Lynda! I totally recommend listening to music with headphones! Means you can really get in ‘the zone’ without distractions.

    • Thanks Deezy, I am curious too haha, beauty of intuitive painting isn’t it. Scary because there is no road map, but so exciting because of the possibilities and seeing what will unfold.

  3. Loving your intuitive paintings!! Seriously bold & awesome! I can’t wait to see where ya take them!!
    I recently got Floras book too- she really rocks! I got introduced to her through a Mati Rose McDonough class. I would love to take Floras class in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Erica!! I finished the first one (the green one) yesterday. When I get around to it I will update my blog with some new pics!

      I would sooo love to take either Flora’s online class or even an in-person class. Something for the future, definitely!

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