Coaching For Creatives

Coaching for Creatives

Do you long for clarity, motivation and a sense of accomplishment?

I want to help you gain more of this in your life, biz & art!

I help my clients with:

The key to moving forward is first: understanding and second: taking action

As your coach I will help you find the answers within yourself and help you put this knowledge into action. I will take you from cocoon to butterfly and you'll look back and marvel at everything you've achieved!

How will you know if I'm the right person for you? Here is a snapshot of weird & wonderful facts about me:

  • moved countries by myself at age 18
  • a huge geek (talk to me about Buffy! D&D! Board games!)
  • have run a successful filming company for 12 years
  • inordinately excited about spreadsheets (see point 2)
  • guest teacher on multiple international art courses

Are you ready to invest in yourself and move forward?

I’m thrilled to be with you for the ride!

Business Coaching For Creative Entrepreneurs

Does the mention of business planning, productivity and social media strategy make you want to hide your head under the covers?

Imagine that instead of this feeling of not knowing what to do or where to start, you got up every morning excited about everything you're going to achieve, because you know exactly what you need to work on to take your business forward!

When you run a business that is based on your creativity, it can be easy to spend a lot of time on the right brained activities and forget about all those important practical things that need to happen in order to drive your biz forward. I can help you with this!

I have been running a creative filming business for 12 years and more recently have turned my passion for art into a business. This uniquely positions me to help you bring the creative and the practical together. I’m an analytical thinker and I will help you get clarity where you feel overwhelmed!

You might be surprised to find I will get you excited about spreadsheets, organisation and productivity. Let me be your personal geek and logical powerhouse, so you can spend more time doing what matters to you and less time worrying and feeling unproductive.

We will work together to identify your goals & what might be holding you back. Then we will put together practical and attainable steps so you can start achieving those goals. I will help you get excited about productivity and hold you accountable so you can get your message and offering out to your ideal audience!

I offer guidance on a range of things such as: social media presence, social media scheduling, newsletters, sales pages, copy editing, promo videos, online presence, content creation, blogging, course creation & Wordpress

"Working with an artist who understands that sometimes we think differently was really helpful"

Natalie's Experience

Iris helped me identify areas in my business that would improve my productivity then helped me decide which systems to put in place to enable me track things more effectively. I’ve found it has reduced the amount of time I need to spend on the business tasks which leaves more time for making art!

She has plenty of fantastic ideas, gained from her years of experience running her own creative business. Working with an artist who understands that sometimes we think differently was really helpful – I’ve tried many ways of tracking and planning my business in the past but Iris is the first coach to understand my needs and offer ideas that suit my creative (and somewhat undisciplined!) mind. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her highly for coaching if you are an artist or crafter.

Natalie Day, Faringdon UK

Benefits of working with me as your Business Coach:

  • Clarity about where you get stuck
  • Sensitive yet logical outside perspective
  • Clear action points
  • Increased motivation & productivity

Creative Coaching For Artists

Do you want to express yourself truly and authentically? Do you want to create art that comes from the depth of your soul?

Imagine what it might feel like to create your own unique art and to be productive beyond your wildest dreams! I know you have this in you, but right now you might be feeling like it's a struggle to get there.

We will explore who you are as a person and an artist and uncover your story: your 'big why' for creating art. We will discover more about what drives you, what your goals are for your art and what is currently holding you back from achieving them.

You'll reconnect with the fun of creativity, your uninhibited true nature, that part of yourself where laughter and tears are received with open arms.

I offer guidance on a range of things such as: motivation, inspiration, finding your own voice & confidence, style development, raw expression, self-discovery through art, video making, art supplies & techniques

"When I work with Iris, I always come away inspired - with more confidence"

Catherine's Experience

Iris is an incredibly warm, thoughtful and reflective person and you get a real feel for that when you speak to her. She's intuitive and offers great insights, striking a positive balance between talking and listening. When I work with Iris, I always come away inspired - with more confidence around actually enjoying the process and with the tools and understanding to explore different techniques. Iris has been a strong influence in me picking up painting again after 20 years. Her passion and enthusiasm for enabling me and my creative expression through paint and colour is of infinite value to me! I totally recommend working with her. Thank you Iris ))).

Catherine Solomons, London UK

Benefits of working with me as your Creative Coach:

  • Clarity about your creative blocks
  • A deeper understanding of your relationship with creativity
  • Gentle encouragement
  • Increased motivation & productivity

Options & Investment

If you'd like me to help you achieve your goals, I invite you to book in for a FREE 30 minute online discovery session. During this initial session we'll chat, get to know each other, see if we resonate with each other and discuss the options for working together.

On this call I will be able to get a feel for what you need, how I can help you with that and we can talk practicalities in terms of timings and investment.

To give you an idea of the typical investment my clients make, here are my most popular packages.

Coaching is an investment in your current & future wellbeing.

Imagine how you'll feel once you start achieving your dreams!

  • Action

  • £250
    Quick Fix
    •  60 minute breakthrough session

    We'll explore your current biggest block, where it might come from and what steps you can take to move past it

    • 1x 30 minute follow-up session

    Follow-up after 2-4 weeks to assess progress and ensure ongoing effectiveness

    • Ongoing support

    Free email access to Iris between sessions for input, encouragement & to discuss progress.

    Suitability: you’re self-motivated and need some help to gain clarity so you can move forward

  • Inspiration

  • £500
    2 Months
    •  90 minute breakthrough session

    We will explore the areas where you feel stuck, we identify the likely causes and then we create an action plan for you to put in place over the next 4-8 weeks.

    • 2x 60 minute follow-up sessions

    Follow-ups every 2-4 weeks to assess progress, respond to issues that come up & ensure ongoing effectiveness (these can be taken as 4x 30 minute check-ins)

    • Ongoing support

    Free email access to Iris between sessions for input, encouragement & to discuss progress.

    Suitability: you benefit from having a structured plan that is tailored specifically to you to achieve your goals

  • Transformation

  • £1500
    6 Months
    •  120 minute breakthrough session

    An in-depth session to really understand where you are at, where you want to go, what blocks need shifting and how we will achieve your goals long term.

    • 6x 60 minute follow-up sessions

    Regular follow ups every 4 weeks to assess progress, fine-tune your action plan, respond to issues that come up & ensure ongoing effectiveness (these can be taken as 12x 30 minute check-ins)

    • Ongoing support

    Free email access to Iris between sessions for input, encouragement & to discuss progress.

    Suitability: you want ongoing support and accountability, a truly bespoke and long-term plan to nurture your growth.

Are you looking for consultancy instead?

Instead of ongoing coaching, you might need help with a specific one-off project such as launching a course or setting up a newsletter. If this sounds like you, talk to me about your project and we can work out a plan to help you. Consultancy starts from £100.

The type of things I can help you with:

  • social media scheduling training (Buffer)
  • setting up a blog (Wordpress)
  • setting up a newsletter
  • sales page and/or project launch consultation

Want to know what previous clients said?

Iris is a sensitive, artistic soul who with bravery explores through art journaling the deeper connection we can form between art and our selves. Her work often forms an interesting series of developing images and she is open to share that process with her audience- not only when it works just fine but more important when she is facing some self-challenges around her own creativity, expectations and results. I adore her openness and honesty as well as ability to show it to the people. It makes it all more real and feeling like she is there with you. At the same time her process is allowing for lot of playfulness, exploration of colour and adventures with mixed media. Her work is also an opportunity to try different mediums as Iris works in many of them from acrylics and inks to variety of mixed media techniques as well as watercolours.
Honorata Chorazy-Przybysz, Rushden UK

11948257_10153624204343420_839976400_nIris has the most gentle yet strong attitude during our work together, I feel nurtured and in safe hands whilst receiving the most awesome level of insight and eloquence and support. Iris has helped me negotiate two life-changing experiences this year and both times she has shone light on all the ways I can move through while remaining true to myself and my vision. Having her involved meant I could make progress far more quickly than had I been left to my own time-frame. I was able to release my disappointment and move into joy and light so quickly that I wish I had known Iris forever! Working with an art/life coach is so key for my creativity which I was desperate to start expressing but it is the life work that she has helped me with that I will always remain indebted to her for - the combination means I am sure I remain a client of Iris's for many years to come.
Jodee Peevor, Mappleborough Green UK

11874114_10205220340451143_1489822376_nAs an artist who goes through the highs and low whether in creativity or self-confidence, it is very important for me to communicate with like-minded persons who can “get” me. Iris is that kind of person. She completely understood where I was coming from and she validated my feelings at the time when I don’t know what direction I would take next. She gave me sound advice and reminded me that, as an artist, I don’t need to justify my choices and that people may disagree or don’t understand me but that’s okay. Iris helped me get back to the right path and I can never thank her enough.
Airees Escueta Rondain, Biñan The Philippines

11938829_10208069564317789_1344432079_nIris is super knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to making videos and setting up online workshops! When I was ready to film my first video, Iris helped me to decide on what camera, setup and editing program would best fit what I wanted to accomplish. She also answered many questions as I put together my website for offering online courses and selling my artwork. Iris guided me as I set up a newsletter for my clients. She is so amazingly helpful and really knows what she is talking about! Iris is awesome and I would highly recommend working with her!!
Kara Strachan Bullock, Tustin California USA

11692579_856624051084519_4287717240188274247_nAs a starting Artist I lacked confidence and I experienced a lot of perfectionism, creative blocks, fears and insecurities. Still, I persevered and I even started to show my art on social media. Not long after that I got in touch with Iris. We often talk about my insecurities, fears and my perfectionism and how those things hinder me in my Art and also in my plans for the future. When I talk to Iris she always takes time for me and she always gives me the feeling that "I am good enough and so is my Art" .. She always encourages me when I have plans or ideas and ALWAYS gives me the feeling that I and my ART are good enough. She often tells me that she is proud of me and she gives me such a good feeling about not only myself but my also my art! I hope she knows that .. because I have grown because of Iris as a person but also as Artist! Thanks a lot Iris, xxx
Petra Stein, Melick The Netherlands

How does it work?

What will happen if I want to book coaching with you?

Please book your free 30 minute call using the scheduler below or by clicking here. You will fill out a preliminary questionnaire with relevant questions about you. The call will take place on Zoom, I will provide you with a link to the online meeting room by email in advance. During our first meeting we will have an informal chat so I can find out a bit more about you and we can get a feel for each other. This session is very important as it will help me determine whether I think I can help you, and will help you decide whether you want to work with me as your coach. During the call you can ask me any questions you have and we will discuss which package would be most suitable to your needs.

What happens after that?

If we decide to work together the coaching programme starts off with an in-depth breakthrough session where we will delve into who you are, what you want to achieve, what is holding you back and we'll put together an action plan that you can put into practice afterwards. I will not only help you with your goals and keep you accountable, but I will also be sharing all my tips and tricks on how to stay productive, how to deal with blocks as they come up and how to find systems of working that really suit your personality. I will be working and thinking alongside you so you can thrive, have fun and feel effective in your endeavours. We will check in with follow-up calls approximately every 2-4 weeks to ensure things are progressing and so you don't get stuck.

How will the coaching be delivered?

Online sessions are held via Zoom. If you are local or able to travel to London, in-person meetings can be held at my office in central London.We will communicate and check in via email or online chat in between sessions.

Why is coaching beneficial?

People work with a coach for many reasons, but one thing that unites all clients is that they want outside input to help them achieve something specific. Working with a coach will bring you clarity, cut through complications, help shed light on limiting beliefs and blocks and most importantly hold you accountable so you can actually stay on track. As your coach I want to help you come to understandings and achieve goals that you wouldn't be able to do by yourself in the same timeframe.

Is coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching helps you with concrete goals that you want to achieve in the future and how you can take action in the present to make them happen. Therapy tends to deal with uncovering the past and understanding how it drives you in the present. During coaching some things about your past may come up, especially when working on understanding blocks or limiting beliefs, however the support offered by a coach is not therapy nor should coaching stand in for therapy.

What results will I be able to expect?

The results are heavily dependent on the client, both in terms of what they want to work on, and how motivated they are to put intention into action. Please read the client testimonials above to see what I have helped people achieve. I'm here to guide you and keep you on track, you're here to make it happen!

Who is your ideal client?

I generally work with artists and creative entrepreneurs. I love working with women, especially those who wish to increase their confidence & visibility and make an impact on the world. I have worked with: fine artists, writers, bloggers/vloggers, YouTubers, teachers and more. People who work with me are ready to examine themselves and their limiting beliefs, willing to take action to make positive changes & able to accept the challenge (and reward!) of improvement