Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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About My Art

What are your favourite art supplies?

ALL.THE.SUPPLIES!!! Lol. Total art supply addict, so this changes all the time! Right now I am in love with Schmincke watercolours, neon pink paint and black ink. I also like making art on my iPad with the Apple pencil.

What is your favourite art journal?

Right now I looooove the Falkiner's A4 journal with 190gsm hot pressed watercolour paper pages. I also like making my own mini journals. Read more about the art journals I love here.

Who inspires you?

I'm currently very inspired by people like Marieke Blokland, Roxanne 'byBun' Coble and Tessa McSorley

How long have you been making art?

I discovered mixed media and art journaling around 2008. I had a lot of trouble facing my inner critic around that time and didn't do nearly as much art as I would've liked, especially because I was never able to really enjoy the things I created. Months would go by without creating anything. Around August 2013 I took some online classes and started doing art much more regularly (several times a week) and I haven't stopped since!

Do you teach?

Yes, I love teaching! For free material sign up to my newsletter to receive my art & inspiration guide and you can take my free art course Your Creative Spark here. Check out my YouTube channel for both time-lapse and real-time tutorials.

For in-depth art courses, please check my course and workshop website. You can sign up for an account and most courses are instant access.

I live in London, UK. If you'd like me to teach in person at your venue in the UK, please contact me to discuss rates & availability.

About Business / Technical Aspects

What camera do you use?

For most of my art videos I use a Nikon Coolpix P7800. Some additional footage may have been shot with my iPhone 7 or a Canon 5D. In the past I have used a webcam, a Toshiba Camileo and a Canon Ixus (don't let your equipment hold you back!).

What do you use to edit your videos?

I use Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows. It's an amazingly powerful programme that can pretty much do anything you can think of. It's a very very steep learning curve, but nothing that can't be achieved with determined Googling and watching YouTube editing tutorials. Previously I used Adobe Premiere Elements and Windows Movie Maker.

What music do you use in your videos?

My two go-to sites are incompetech.com and audionautix.com. (Almost) All the music is free to use on there, as long as you provide credit. I occasionally use audiojungle.net to buy music.

Some helpful advice to bear in mind is that you cannot just use any music you like, like for example your favourite pop/rock track. Everything is subject to copyright, even very old music, the music itself might not be subject to copyright anymore, but the performance (i.e. the artist/orchestra that performed it and recorded it) usually is.

What to you use to host your art courses?

I use course software called Zippy Courses which I use in conjunction with Vimeo PRO.

How do you make your prints?

I start with a high quality photo or scan. Click here for a tutorial on how to capture great images for printing. I print using an OKI C511dn laser printer (used to use OKI C330dn) onto HP professional matt laser photo paper. Then I mount the prints so they are ready for framing.

About Me Personally

Do you speak Dutch? / Are you Dutch?

Yes and yes! I have lived in the UK since I was 18. I feel more comfortable speaking English these days, but my Dutch is still fine too. If your preferred language is Dutch please feel free to use it when communicating with me.