Get Inspired! A free 20 page art & inspiration guide

Does any of the below describe you:

  • You want to be creative but you can’t seem to get started, or you start and get stuck
  • You feel your creativity has been stifled by a difficult past (parents, teachers, maybe even abuse) and your present critical inner voice prevents you from doing or enjoying creative things
  • You are already a creative (crafter, painter, writer) but would like to add more self-expression or experimentation to your work or simply try something new
  • You want to be FREE! You want to SOAR! You want to feel POWERFUL and ENABLED and create art that you LOVE and makes your HEART SING!

I truly believe that you are amazingly creative and I want to help YOU actualise your potential! I want to encourage you and your creative heart to do and make what you love!


I love “Get Inspired”. This PDF is filled to the brim with helpful ideas on how to reach your fullest creative potential! From looking at the fears that stop you from creating to uncovering ways to by-pass the inner critic. For the easily overwhelmed, Iris lists several easy ways to get started on your art journal pages going over art supplies and creative prompts to get you in an art-making mood! 🙂 An inspiring PDF indeed!
Tamara Laporte –

How will I help you?

In this guide you will get a taster for all the things that I love sharing with you:

  • I give you insights into my creative journey. We are all learning and we can learn so much from each other. I talk about my fears, my hopes, my successes, my failures, everything!
  • I share uplifting messages, inspiring quotes and my art with you so you will start to feel your true potential and that anything you dream is possible!
  • I create specific tips and instructions for you to get you on your way to creating your own unique art
Get Inspired - Free PDF mixed media guide - @rrreow

To get you started pop your details below for instant access to my 20 page art & inspiration guide which I’ve specifically created for you to get inspired & create art! There are lots of goodies in there that will get you started on your true creative path in no time.

What Is Included?

In it you will find practical art tips & photo tutorials, art supply recommendations, insights into why we get blocked and how to get past this, plus inspiring quotes to get you feeling positive and awesome (because you are)!

I will also be sending you monthly updates with a selection of the most helpful, inspiring and popular posts from my blog. You’ll be the first to know about any new and exciting things coming to such as (free) PDFs and videos, e-courses and special discount codes only for subscribers!

Praise For “Get Inspired” Guide


Iris, thank you so much for the PDF. It is really inspiring to me. It is so recognizable, the fear of creating something ugly, the inner criticism, and fear of just being me. I love the way you draw the whimsical figurers, and how easy they look/are. Dear Iris, keep on going being Iris, I just love that girl! Big hug Petra ooo and a huge huge compliment about how you put the PDF together girl!!! Thanks
Petra Stein –


My dear friend Iris has a new FREE tutorial out. It’s all about inspiration, how to draw whimsical girls, whimsical animals, and hand lettering. It’s a FREE 20-page art tutorial!! I’ve just downloaded it and it is absolutely beautiful.
Stephanie Cant –


Inspiration for the day! <3 Generosity like this is good for the soul! It’s a 20-page art tutorial that she has poured her heart into and giving away FREE! If you’ve been considering trying art as a healing hobby, check it out.
Julia Sears Osterc –

Read your guide yesterday and it helped me alot! Thank you so much for creating it! Love your videos and your art, thank you for sharing & caring!
Meagan Luna

Iris does a great job of showing “stuck” artist simple tips to get started. This guide is full of fun and easy to use ideas that will help identify our fears and just get moving. Thank you Iris for sharing your knowledge to help other artist find their creative self!
Shannon Kollmorgan

To get you on your way, grab the guide by putting your details below:

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Important Note: If you’re anything like me you don’t give your email address out just like that, so here is my promise to you to keep it completely safe. I hate spam just as much as you do!

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😀 Love the blooper at the end of your video. When your husband popped up was wonderful and made me laugh! Sort of thing my partner would do, especially the line about confusing the hell out of us all!!!!!! 😀

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