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I Can’t Draw

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say “I can’t draw” or “I can’t even draw a stick figure”…. I’d have a fair amount of pennies.

I can’t draw either. Or couldn’t. I don’t know. At some point I couldn’t draw. And now I’m at a different stage of ‘can’t draw’. And in a few years’ time I will be further progressed on my journey of ‘can’t draw’. I don’t suppose I will ever get to a point where I exclaim: By golly! I can draw!

I think it’s like that with any skill that has a lot of levels of proficiency. You’re always learning, but you’re never ‘there’, because as soon as you’re ‘there’, there’s another level to achieve. Deep, no?

So. ‘Not being able to draw’ is no excuse not to draw. By all means, don’t draw if you don’t want to or don’t like to. But don’t lament ‘oooooh I can’t draw…….’ as if other people who do draw are somehow born with some magical talent that makes them able to draw. Or as if you’re only allowed to draw if you’re somehow already good at it before having even practiced.

We all can’t draw. We all can draw. I don’t know. Go draw! Draw me a stick figure and go share it with me on Facebook or Instagram =p

PS here are some pictures of me practicing my drawing skills and a bonus picture of a flamingo I drew over 10 years ago. You’re welcome.




By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

2 replies on “I Can’t Draw”

I live in a culture where I can draw = I can draw anything and everything. LOL!!! Everything is expected to be realistic .
I was told I am not creative due to my short fingers by my mum over and over since I was a child. I never did anything creative till I was 40. I started doodling on the back of a figure because I told myself I CAN’T DRAW A FACE. For almost 6 months that’s all I did.. doodling the back of a figure.LOL!! I only started drawing faces this year. And now I tell myself I CAN’T PAINT.

I think at some point we all have that kinda of conversation. The issue isn’t about I CAN’T DRAW!! It’s about I CAN’T DRAW, NOW WHAT? Do I believe in that statement and tell myself that for the rest of my life? Or do I at least just try and explore and play and have fun with drawing despite having the belief that I CAN’T DRAW. I’m not a fabulous artist. But I’m proud to say I do it anytway because I enjoy growing and playing like a child.

You are such an amazing artist and I envy your talent. One day, I will get there…

Thank you for your comment Li Li, you are SO right, it is about what comes after the statement! It’s interesting, I have two little boys and one of them is firmly in the ‘I can’t’ camp, it’s a constant struggle to encourage him and convince him to do his best and take chances, the other one (the younger one) is is the ‘I’ll try’ camp and he seems to take to things very easily because he just tries, practices, fails, gets up again. It’s so interesting to see.

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