Iris Impressions

02 Oct 2019

Book Of Days Giveaway!

Lovely art friends, I’m so excited to be back on Book of Days hosted by Effy Wild for another year. This course is close to my heart. It’s for those of you who want to express yourselves through art, those who are not afraid to go further and look deeper, who won’t shy away from what comes up and who will embrace making raw art that expresses the pain and joys of life. AND I GET TO GIVE AWAY A […]

24 Sep 2019
Life Book

Life Book Giveaway!

Hey lovely art friends, I’m so excited to be part of Life Book 2020! This will be my second year teaching on Life Book and it’s going to be amazing. I’ve got so many ideas already for my lessons, there’s definitely going to be a yummy in-depth lesson by me on making your own junk journal! I really hope you will join the course. Registration opens on 1 October, so please put that date in your diary! You’ll be able […]

19 Jul 2019

DIY Decor Perfect For Expressing Yourself Through Your Home

The components of a house’s interior design have a significant effect on a person’s health and well-being, but what makes up a home can be difficult to put into words. Home is a place of personal and physical security that should be cherished and given personal character. There’s no better way to care for the well-being of yourself and your home than through decorating your living space with some personalised DIY decor. Add a bit of yourself in every room through crafting some easy […]

20 Dec 2018

When creativity is absent

Art friend, we often see the results of inspiration & creativity online, the darker flip-side seems to not be talked about so often. I’m hoping that sharing the following vulnerable musings will help you not feel so alone when sometimes the inspiration doesn’t come. The way I approach making art comes from within, and at times it simply doesn’t come. Does that ever happen to you? When I notice this happening, I feel several things: Pressure. Why can’t I create? […]

06 Dec 2018

Year-Long Online Art Retreat – Art Walk Alchemy 2019

In 2019 I’m super excited to be part of the team that will bring you Art Walk Alchemy! This course is a little bit different than you’re used to. There is a big range of different projects, styles and techniques that will be covered on the course. And everything will come under the theme of ‘Totems and Talismans’. Such a juicy and exciting topic! Below you’ll find some sneak peeks of my lesson and project for Art Walk Alchemy. I […]

29 Nov 2018

Nat Kalbach interviewed me for CJS – watch it here

The lovely Nat Kalbach interviewed me as part of the Creative JumpStart interview series. It was so much fun, I really enjoyed chatting to her. You can watch the interview below! A funny behind the scenes tidbit, before we started recording whilst Nat and I were having a preliminary chat, my husband came into the room, accidentally brushed against the my easel (you can see the corner of it in the right hand side of the video) and the painting […]

26 Nov 2018

Do you need a Creative Jump Start?

Have you heard of Creative Jump Start? It’s 31 inspirational tutorial videos released one by one, each day, from 1-31 January. It’s absolutely the BEST way to kickstart your creativity at the beginning of the year (hence the name, Creative Jump Start!). I’m excited to be participating as an artist in Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2019, run for the 8th year by Nathalie Kalbach. Through the videos you’ll be able to: learn techniques discover new materials feel super inspired create lots of […]

22 Nov 2018

Letting Go Of The Outcome

I often talk about how great it is if you can let go of the outcome when creating art, but what does that actually mean and how do you do it? Let’s start with the flipside of letting go: being attached to the outcome. With this comes a feeling of pressure. For example wanting to create pretty or aesthetically pleasing art, creating something that will make you feel good about yourself, or creating in order to get loads of likes […]

15 Nov 2018

Art For Self-Expression And Why It’s Different

I often talk about doing art for self-expression and I’m aware it can sound a bit intangible. What does that mean, art for self-expression? For me it is the crux of why I do art and what I want to put out into the world: to help people do art for self-expression rather than for result. In our education system you’re often learning by doing a project or mastering a technique. The media we see online is usually of an […]

08 Nov 2018
My Story and why I do what I do

My Story and Why I Do What I Do

You see my art as a finished thing but it comes from somewhere. It is part of my story, my past and my journey. My story with creativity goes back a long way, I’ve always been attracted to being creative, painting, writing stories. But in the past I felt held back, usually by fear of failure or due to a harsh inner critic. The seed of creativity was there all along, but it wasn’t a straight line to where I […]