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Practising Self Care | @rrreow

I want it all and I want it now! For years I was an extremely demotivated individual. Then I had a kid (and then another one) and I had some therapy and those things seemed to light something up in me. All of a sudden I wanted to DO stuff. And I have been doing stuff. Piling it on. I love having a busy life, being accomplished in all the things I decide to pursue, feeling alive and energetic!

I was getting away with this whole lifestyle for a few years. However, for about 2 years I think my body (and sometimes my mind) has been dropping some hints. I’ve been getting every minor illness under the sun (colds, stomach bugs, eye infections). First I blamed pregnancy while having a toddler at nursery, then I blamed lack of quality sleep with a newborn, then I blamed winter. Then I ran out of excuses and had to take a look at my life and think about the whole picture.

So I’m having a stern talk with myself and telling myself that it’s time to practise self-care! “Self-care?? What the hell do you need that for, just GO GO GO, you’re not allowed any rest or care! You need to do it all!” my inner voice goes. Through having this little ‘intervention’ with myself I’ve actually realised how hard I am on myself. How much I heap onto my plate and punish myself mentally when I can’t do it all, or can’t enjoy it all or when my body simply says STOP!

So I’m drawing back on all the peripherals. This has included a difficult decision to stop my violin lessons and to stop some volunteering I was doing. I’m really hoping to add these things back into my life when it is the right time. I’m going to be focussing on the three main areas of my life that are most important:

  • my kids/family (because LOVE!)
  • my art (because SANITY/FULFILLMENT!)
  • my business (because MONEY!)

Everything else is going to take a backseat for a while. I’m also going to try and add a lot more vegetables to our diets (when I’m feeling run down making home cooked healthy food is the first thing that suffers, which is obviously the opposite of what my body needs!) and add a daily walk to my routine. I’m also going to try more mental exercises to help my mind relax and be less GOGOGO all the time (that’s gonna be a toughie! I’ll report back on that one *wink*).

PS Interesting thing happened. I wrote this post a few hours ago and I’d been feeling quite down both physically and emotionally for over a week (ever since I got my latest illness, which was a triple whammy of tonsillitis, eye infection and cold) and ever since writing it I’ve felt SO much more positive! Wow!!

By Iris

Hi I'm Iris! I'm a mixed media artist from London, UK. I want to inspire everyone with a creative heart to make and do what they love!

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Thanks for this reminder! I need to take better care of myself too…having two littles and dreams of selling art means my time has to be so disciplined. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the discipline though 🙂

Glad it resonated with you Sara! I think especially as mothers it’s sooo important to practice self-care (even if we feel we have no time whatsoever for it!). It’s too easy to fall into that ‘must do it all, must be perfect mother’-trap (even if such a thing doesn’t really exist!). And in the end, if we practice self-care, our loved ones also benefit because we’re better able to meet their needs.

Sometimes we think of ourselves last when it comes to taking care of people. We need it too! I’ve been focusing on self-care this year too. Eating better, trying to let go of things that aren’t so important, I just bought a groupon to try out yoga, it’s supposed to be great. Good luck with slowing down your brain, that’s the hard part!!

I know so true! We always think we need to take care of others to the exclusion of ourselves, but it’s actually when we take care of ourselves that we can be more for others. Good luck with your self-care goals, they sound like really wise ones. I’ve been thinking about yoga too.

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